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The latest addition to my collection is an acrylic on board painting of Grwyne Fawr reservoir in the Black Mountains about 15 miles from Abergavenny. This is a place that I have had a love for which goes back 35 years. I try and go there frequently but the last year has meant this has been restricted. I finally made it up there last month after a break of 12 months and it was everything I could hope for. The sky was a stunning blue and I felt I just had to capture this in my painting. I would love you to come and see it in the flesh and check out my new gallery and shop, join a workshop or just pop in for a chat......

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Today was the first market day this year at the Fold and what a buzz there has been. Traditional May Day folk music created a lively atmosphere and the sunshine helped too! Thank you to everyone who has called in to my studio to browse, buy and just have a chat. It was so nice to see happy smiling faces and to talk about all things arty...I hope to be able to do lots more of this in the coming months. My studio/gallery was only open briefly before the last lockdown so it is still all very new for me and I am looking forward to this venture taking off. With that in mind I have launched this website today and also all my new workshops are up and ready to go. Check out the workshop tab for latest details and contact me if you would like to join is going to be lots of fun!!

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Updated: May 2, 2021

Welcome to my Blog

My Weekly Wanderings

Every week I hope to be able to report back from my walks and post photographs and inspiration for my latest paintings.

I am now open Tuesday to Saturday at The Fold at Bransford

Come and see me in my studio, watch me work or join in one of my weekly workshops.

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